At DS Acrylic, we have perfected the bonding of acrylic in recent years!

We specialize in:

These techniques allow us to make almost imperceptible connections that can still withstand the ravages of time. Instead of choosing inferior commercial acrylate adhesives, we have developed our own. The tensile strength of our unique adhesive is over 55 MPa compared to other 15-25 MPa available on the market. In addition, it is clearer, harder and more chemically resistant. Our bonding does not become cloudy, not split and does not dissolve.

In addition, our adhesive technology is perfect for the production of seamless plates. Conventional panel adhesives leave
obvious, unsightly lines, while the method of DS Acrylic creates clearer, stronger and more resistant adhesives.

In addition to the adhesive, DS Acrylic also offers tailor-made acrylic products such as aquariums and furniture. In addition, we promise a leading guarantee for every customer as well as a dedicated team that turns dreams into reality, regardless of the size of the project.


Production Process

Raw material reserve

Raw material synthesis

Plate polymerization


Oven annealing


Thickness static


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